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The Benefits Of Steel Mace Training

In today’s society there is a high percentage of people who want to lose weight. A lot of people give up because they cannot overcome the first hurdle. A lot of people do not know how to go about losing weight or getting in shape so they give up before they even get started. Steel mace training can change all that as you learn exactly what to do and how to do it. This is an important first step as without this knowledge, you will not succeed.

There are a lot of benefits to using a Steel mace. One of the biggest benefits is a more intimate setting. You can have a one on one personal relationship with a trainer, or in a small group setting consisting of friends and family. This will definitely make you more comfortable when embarking on this journey. With a one on one personal training relationship your individual work out is tailored to your needs. You will get individual supervision as well as a scientific exercise progression based on your individual needs.

The Steel Mace Australia Youtube Channel has some great tutorial videos you can follow along with, check them out.

You will also get specific target area training based on your goals. If you need to work on your abs you can tailor a specific exercise routine that targets that area. Also your progression will be measured and can be changed according to your needs. Working out in a small group can be extremely beneficial as well. Not only is it fun to work out together, but you can also give each other support and encouragement throughout the entire process.

steel mace workout

You can also provide commitment, and motivation to each other under the supervision of a trained professional. These fitness training programs can be tailored to what your goals are. It may be to lose weight, tone up, gain strength in a particular area, stay healthy or train for a specific event. Either way they can find a training routine to meet those goals. Dan from can help you with a training program.

We all know that nutrition is a big part in this process. A nutrition program needs to part of this program. Those who offer this as part of their program will discuss your current eating habits, as well as your likes and dislikes. They will be able to find a nutritional program that will complement your training routine and allow you to achieve your goals. They will take in consideration your caloric intake as well as your activity levels. Once this is known, they can find a healthier way of eating as well as what needs to be taken out of your diet and what needs to be added.

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All of these aspects work together to help you achieve your goals. Once you know what your goals are having someone there to guide you is always helpful. You also need a program that is individualized to your specific needs.

Things Your Kettlebell Might Not Tell You But Expects You Did

If you have recently hired the services of a kettlebell instructor, it might make sense to learn how to behave around him too! This doesn’t mean you have to learn how to dress or speak when you train. Personal trainers are paid by the hour or number of sessions. If you have a fitness goal to achieve, your kettlebell instructor will help you achieve it. However, if you do not do a few simple things like the ones listed below to help him help you, it will affect your personal trainers attitude toward you eventually.

Fitness trainer cec courses ensure you are ups-killed and have all the latest cutting edge training information so you can really deliver the best possible service to your clients.

Be on time
Every moment wasted costs your trainer money. You may pay a monthly fee to the gym and being 10 minutes later than your appointed hour may not matter to you. But it matters to your trainer a great deal. Your personal trainer has to train you and the next client that is due after you. This means that his work will get affected if you are late because it will eat into another client’s time. Always be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to your kettlebell class and introduce yourself to the instructor and the other Fitness Australia members.

Focus on your exercises, not phone
Your personal trainer may not be able to directly tell you to be on time, but you will be greatly helping him if you are punctual on most days if not all!
Mobile phones are definitely one of modern day’s greatest inventions, but that doesn’t mean you can use it to shift focus during your exercise routine! Your kettlebell instructor is specially appointed to train you to exercise between a limited time period. By constantly checking your phone for new calls and messages, you are not only delaying yourself but wasting his time as well. He may never tell you to switch your phone off when you come for your work outs, but be rest assured that he is definitely thinking it.

Qualifications for personal trainers vary, so be sure to choose wisely! the Dangerously Fit Academy has some excellent courses – you can find them on

Concentrate on what he is telling you
It makes much more sense to focus during your 60 minute workout session and to learn every exercise your kettlebell instructor is teaching you than to be half hearted during your work out. Just as you would prefer a committed personal trainer to train you, your kettlebell instructor will also expect you to behave like a committed client. This will additionally also help you achieve results faster.

If you are training with kettlebells, wear the right clothing / gear. 
If you choose to exercise in old, worn out clothes it will affect your overall training and fitness regime. In order to exercise well, you need to wear good, stretchable clothes that absorb sweat. Else, you will constantly be uncomfortable during your routine and won’t be able to achieve your fitness goals. It therefore makes a lot of sense to invest in the right clothes when you go to the gym. Although your personal trainer won’t tell you off for wearing the wrong exercise gear, know that he will be thinking it.

Do not expect to be pampered

If you have never exercised before or been a regular at the gym, do not expect your kettlebell instructor to pamper you when you begin exercising with him. Your personal trainer will come across as friendly and cordial but will not have the time or patience to pamper you. As a client, you will have to learn all your exercises quickly and not moan and groan every time a new exercise is taught to you. Kettlebell courses are an excellent way of learning how to use them correctly because you have a fully qualified kettlebell instructor showing you the correct form.

Avoid the gym if you are ill

Most people hit the gym even if they have a slight cold or flu. What they don’t realize is that they are spreading their germs to other members and the personal trainers too. Your personal trainer will not want to train you when you are ill. As a responsible client, he will expect you to stay home even if you are slightly unwell. Furthermore, exercising when you are ill may weaken you further. It is always safer to avoid exercising until you get better.

Eat right, all the time

Eating unbalanced meals and gorging on junk food will not help you achieve your fitness goals. Furthermore, your kettlebell instructor is only responsible for training you in the gym and teaching you various exercise techniques. If you choose to eat the wrong kind of foods during the day, your trainer will not be responsible for your weight gain. Your kettlebell instructor will always expect you to eat right all the time so that you stay in shape for longer periods of time.

Although personal trainers, gyms and exercising with other people may seem great, there are various other options you can look into too.

What Does It Take to Get a Flat Tummy?

If you have a flat tummy you would probably be the envy of many people. It is a physical condition that is much sought after, but not so easy to attain. In fact, it takes discipline, time and a lot of hard work – this much sought after body look.

Since as mentioned above getting a flat stomach may require some hard work, a good idea would be to try Bondi personal training. A trainer will help you to select the right exercises and guide you through each stage. Below are tips on appropriate food intake and exercise.

Four Fitness Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

The fitness industry is a huge industry which is booming these days. More and more people are making fitness training or personal training as their full-time career due to the huge prospects in this field. There is tremendous competition to get more clients and various online marketing strategies are employed. However, you must be careful not to make certain mistakes while marketing your fitness business which will hamper the growth of your business.

Not making a solid business plan

Most trainers fail to make a solid and achievable business and marketing plan. Due to this they get distracted in various other allied activities and thus fail to get more clients. As a personal trainer or a fitness instructor, your first and foremost priority is to get clients.

Most of your resources, energy and investment must be directed towards this goal. Your business plan must not be too far-fetched and nor must it be too simple. Use good fitness marketing online techniques, think over them, review them and implement them.

Not knowing the target customer

Many personal trainers make the mistake of not understanding the needs of their target customers. You must do a proper research on the prospective customer population taking into account the training that you are offering, their age, lifestyle, income, body type, fitness level and daily schedule.

You must have a sufficient number of potential customers to venture into your business. To attract people towards your business and top motivate them to hire your services, you must create an environment and a marketing plan that will interest them and make them come to you. To do this, you must first know what they want.

No presence on social media

Everyone has an identity on either or all of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Many fitness instructors do not think it is important to have an existence for your business here.

An effective fitness marketing strategy is to have a business page on social media and personal training websites and keep it updated with pictures, videos, news about your business, discussions, debates, contests etc. It keeps people engaged and attracts more customers to your fitness business.

Not networking enough

Many trainers feel it is not worth participating in local events organized for the fitness community. Events such as community sports days, annual sports meet, health exhibitions, fitness expos, fitness workshops, seminars, debates, discussions etc. are places where you get to meet other fitness professionals and get to know how your peers work.

It is important to network with other fitness professionals since it builds relationships and helps you get clients who they cannot cater to by the referral method. Become a member of various sports associations and clubs. It will help you stay at par with the industry and get the latest news and updates.

Use various fitness marketing tools to expand your business and attract more clients. Make a note of what works for your business and what does not work well for you. Learn from your mistakes and implement improvements in your marketing strategies. It is the only way to grow your business and secure a firm foothold in the fitness industry.

Train With Kettlebells To Stay Fit On Vacation

Personal Training Course Teaches You How To Help Clients Stay Fit During Vacations

In general people feel that vacation time is a time to abandon their everyday routine, let their hair down and go all out to have a great time. While having a good break could prove beneficial it could also mean losing out on hard work put in during regular fitness sessions. Vacations are famous for people lazing it out, binging on food and going all out to enjoy themselves. The Functional Fitness Courses also include online cec courses written and showcased by a kettlebells expert.

As a fitness instructor when you have put in a lot of time and energy helping your client to get into good shape such vacations can prove disappointing. You should use your experience gained from Personal Training Course to advise and guide your clients.

With all the modern gadgets and aids now available, you can keep in touch with your client during vacation time and help him or her to stay on track and keep fit. Since clients are used to guidance during fitness training, in general they will not pay attention to the same when left to themselves.

Ways to help your clients stay fit

  • One good way to help your client stay fit during vacation time is to sit with the client before hand and work out an easy fitness routine for them during the vacation period. Write down the planned exercise routine so the client knows which muscles need working out.
  • More often than not the client would be booked into a hotel during the vacation period. If it is a hotel there will probably be gym facilities available. The client will then have familiar equipment to work on. If the client is booked into a guest house type accommodation, your written exercise list will come in handy. The client can be advised to carry resistance bands which will help with workouts for body weight. If the vacation is a beach resort appropriate workouts such as sand resistance exercises can be included.
  • If your client is visiting family, spare time could be spent going for long walks with family members or on their own before the rest of the household awakes. A good tip from your personal trainer course would be for you to use texting to remind your client to take time to exercise.
  • When on vacation, it is not easy to stick to a fitness diet. People have to eat whatever is available and served. If the client is booked into a hotel they should pay some serious attention to the meals they order. Many hotels post their menus on websites. This would help the client to check out the many food options in advance and order accordingly. Consuming alcohol though a relaxing experience when on vacation can prove disadvantageous to any fitness programme. So the client should be advised to go easy on alcohol consumption, also drink plenty of water. Any other useful tips you have learnt during your fitness trainer courses at FFC should be passed on to the client.


Helping your client to stay fit during vacation time does not have to involve any heavy working out. You can make the workouts short, low intensity and enjoyable.

Weight Loss Tips For Improving Your Health

Weight Loss Tips For Improving Your Health

If you join a weight loss boot camp, you just need not worry about getting tips from anybody to improve your health condition because the boot camp trainers take care of it. January has long gone and so is your new year’s resolution of regular workouts and staying fit and heathy. That is why it is advisable join a boot camp for young people and there are a lot of trainers in the fitness industry ready to help you with your weight loss efforts.

Everybody in Australia desires to have a perfect body, not too thin and not too fat. And yes, there are other simple methods of staying healthy instead of increasing or dropping your dress sizes and your personal trainer will have learnt all about this in his training courses. You can definitely take control of your health by taking a good control of your lifestyle.

The followings are those healthy habits which will not only help you grow healthy but will also change your habits of your lifestyle. Lose weight with

Eat a lot of veggies and fruits.

Make sure about eating at least five servings a day. At times there is a tendency of people thinking that they are consuming plenty of produce but in reality it is not so. It is always better to double check.

Research has shown that less than 14% of adults eat veggies and less than 18% of them eats fruits. You can prepare the food in a delicious and in a better looking way just so that you eat them. While in a European boot camp, the trainers are so careful about the health that they prepare a nutritious chart for the people there in order to get them have the right portion of everything.

Like you can start with a smoothie very morning for breakfast, also you can pick humus and carrots as a side salad or you can have pasta with lots of veggies as your daily snacks. In this way the veggie and the fruit intake will increase in your body and help you in achieving your goal of becoming fit and healthy. For more information regarding weight loss boot camps, visit

Is it wise to hire a online personal trainer who is still training?

Should You Hire an Online Personal Trainer Who Is Still Undergoing Training?

Sometimes, hiring a personal trainer is just the impetus your daily fitness routine needs. It is so usual for regular exercisers to reach a fitness rut without any idea on the way forward. If you are in a similar situation, don’t despair! Hire an online personal trainer instead who can provide you with all the motivation and support you require. In fact, trainers with a fitness training certification can show you to make regular exercise more enjoyable and challenging so that you continue with it for life without ever feeling bored or frustrated.

Make a Difference

Exercising on your own, especially if you have no knowledge on fitness training can be boring after some time. TV fitness programmes or DVDs may provide you with superficial knowledge but they lack the personal touch which can take your training to the next level. Hiring your own personal trainer is therefore more effective if you really want to see a difference in the way you look and feel.

Help you Start a New Regime

A personal trainer can really help you with goal setting and planning when you are having difficulty in getting started. Online trainers with level 2 fitness instructor certification have undergone relevant courses where they are learn how to asses individual clients, how to set goals as per their requirements and how to plan a realistic fitness routine. They use the knowledge acquired for your benefit so that your goals are attainable and your plan is doable and effective.

Trainers Teach you Form and Technique

Most people don’t acknowledge the fact that fitness training too requires a scientific approach. All they do is pick up some weights or mount the treadmill and blindly follow what others are doing. This is not only wrong but extremely dangerous too.

Personal trainers not only help you exercise correctly, they also teach you the techniques and nuances so that you can continue exercising safely even when you don’t have a trainer to help you. Your trainer will show you how to do each exercise correctly so that there is least chance of injury and your training is both safe and effective.


Achieving your Fitness Goal is Easy

Certified personal trainers are adept at goal setting. After all, it’s part of the curricula in fitness certifications courses and they undergo rigorous training with specific focus on individual goal setting. Your online trainer will assess your present fitness condition and then help you to decide what exactly you want from your training. You may want to shed a few pound, tone your underarms, strengthen your core or train for a sports event. Whatever be your desire, your trainer will first set your goals and then devise a plan that is realistic and effective.

Hiring Trainers who are Still undergoing Training

There is however one drawback to hiring a personal trainer. Trainers with quality fitness accreditations are quite expensive. Check out Online Fitness Courses prices for online kettlebell training. This is understandable since they will be applying all their knowledge, experience and insight for the betterment of your health and wellness. But you can still hire online personal trainers if you are willing to compromise a bit. Hire trainers who have amateur experience and are undergoing training for their certifications. They are quite affordable since they are yet to receive their fitness qualifications and have not become professionals yet.