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What Does It Take to Get a Flat Tummy?

If you have a flat tummy you would probably be the envy of many people. It is a physical condition that is much sought after, but not so easy to attain. In fact, it takes discipline, time and a lot of hard work – this much sought after body look.

Since as mentioned above getting a flat stomach may require some hard work, a good idea would be to try Bondi personal training. A trainer will help you to select the right exercises and guide you through each stage. Below are tips on appropriate food intake and exercise.

Train With Kettlebells To Stay Fit On Vacation

Personal Training Course Teaches You How To Help Clients Stay Fit During Vacations

In general people feel that vacation time is a time to abandon their everyday routine, let their hair down and go all out to have a great time. While having a good break could prove beneficial it could also mean losing out on hard work put in during regular fitness sessions. Vacations are famous for people lazing it out, binging on food and going all out to enjoy themselves. The Functional Fitness Courses also include online cec courses written and showcased by a kettlebells expert.

As a fitness instructor when you have put in a lot of time and energy helping your client to get into good shape such vacations can prove disappointing. You should use your experience gained from Personal Training Course to advise and guide your clients.

With all the modern gadgets and aids now available, you can keep in touch with your client during vacation time and help him or her to stay on track and keep fit. Since clients are used to guidance during fitness training, in general they will not pay attention to the same when left to themselves.

Ways to help your clients stay fit

  • One good way to help your client stay fit during vacation time is to sit with the client before hand and work out an easy fitness routine for them during the vacation period. Write down the planned exercise routine so the client knows which muscles need working out.
  • More often than not the client would be booked into a hotel during the vacation period. If it is a hotel there will probably be gym facilities available. The client will then have familiar equipment to work on. If the client is booked into a guest house type accommodation, your written exercise list will come in handy. The client can be advised to carry resistance bands which will help with workouts for body weight. If the vacation is a beach resort appropriate workouts such as sand resistance exercises can be included.
  • If your client is visiting family, spare time could be spent going for long walks with family members or on their own before the rest of the household awakes. A good tip from your personal trainer course would be for you to use texting to remind your client to take time to exercise.
  • When on vacation, it is not easy to stick to a fitness diet. People have to eat whatever is available and served. If the client is booked into a hotel they should pay some serious attention to the meals they order. Many hotels post their menus on websites. This would help the client to check out the many food options in advance and order accordingly. Consuming alcohol though a relaxing experience when on vacation can prove disadvantageous to any fitness programme. So the client should be advised to go easy on alcohol consumption, also drink plenty of water. Any other useful tips you have learnt during your fitness trainer courses at FFC should be passed on to the client.


Helping your client to stay fit during vacation time does not have to involve any heavy working out. You can make the workouts short, low intensity and enjoyable.