Things Your Kettlebell Might Not Tell You But Expects You Did

If you have recently hired the services of a kettlebell instructor, it might make sense to learn how to behave around him too! This doesn’t mean you have to learn how to dress or speak when you train. Personal trainers are paid by the hour or number of sessions. If you have a fitness goal to achieve, your kettlebell instructor will help you achieve it. However, if you do not do a few simple things like the ones listed below to help him help you, it will affect your personal trainers attitude toward you eventually.

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Be on time
Every moment wasted costs your trainer money. You may pay a monthly fee to the gym and being 10 minutes later than your appointed hour may not matter to you. But it matters to your trainer a great deal. Your personal trainer has to train you and the next client that is due after you. This means that his work will get affected if you are late because it will eat into another client’s time. Always be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to your kettlebell class and introduce yourself to the instructor and the other Fitness Australia members.

Focus on your exercises, not phone
Your personal trainer may not be able to directly tell you to be on time, but you will be greatly helping him if you are punctual on most days if not all!
Mobile phones are definitely one of modern day’s greatest inventions, but that doesn’t mean you can use it to shift focus during your exercise routine! Your kettlebell instructor is specially appointed to train you to exercise between a limited time period. By constantly checking your phone for new calls and messages, you are not only delaying yourself but wasting his time as well. He may never tell you to switch your phone off when you come for your work outs, but be rest assured that he is definitely thinking it.

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Concentrate on what he is telling you
It makes much more sense to focus during your 60 minute workout session and to learn every exercise your kettlebell instructor is teaching you than to be half hearted during your work out. Just as you would prefer a committed personal trainer to train you, your kettlebell instructor will also expect you to behave like a committed client. This will additionally also help you achieve results faster.

If you are training with kettlebells, wear the right clothing / gear. 
If you choose to exercise in old, worn out clothes it will affect your overall training and fitness regime. In order to exercise well, you need to wear good, stretchable clothes that absorb sweat. Else, you will constantly be uncomfortable during your routine and won’t be able to achieve your fitness goals. It therefore makes a lot of sense to invest in the right clothes when you go to the gym. Although your personal trainer won’t tell you off for wearing the wrong exercise gear, know that he will be thinking it.

Do not expect to be pampered

If you have never exercised before or been a regular at the gym, do not expect your kettlebell instructor to pamper you when you begin exercising with him. Your personal trainer will come across as friendly and cordial but will not have the time or patience to pamper you. As a client, you will have to learn all your exercises quickly and not moan and groan every time a new exercise is taught to you. Kettlebell courses are an excellent way of learning how to use them correctly because you have a fully qualified kettlebell instructor showing you the correct form.

Avoid the gym if you are ill

Most people hit the gym even if they have a slight cold or flu. What they don’t realize is that they are spreading their germs to other members and the personal trainers too. Your personal trainer will not want to train you when you are ill. As a responsible client, he will expect you to stay home even if you are slightly unwell. Furthermore, exercising when you are ill may weaken you further. It is always safer to avoid exercising until you get better.

Eat right, all the time

Eating unbalanced meals and gorging on junk food will not help you achieve your fitness goals. Furthermore, your kettlebell instructor is only responsible for training you in the gym and teaching you various exercise techniques. If you choose to eat the wrong kind of foods during the day, your trainer will not be responsible for your weight gain. Your kettlebell instructor will always expect you to eat right all the time so that you stay in shape for longer periods of time.

Although personal trainers, gyms and exercising with other people may seem great, there are various other options you can look into too.